Luxurious House of Bill Gates Xanadu 2.0

27 Jun


Have you ever wanted to be rich and to have a big house with a pool, cinema, library and a lake in the back of house, but you didn’t find enough motivation? It’s enough to say a name and you will find an acronym for this immediately. Bill Gates, the men who is extremely rich and he has everything he needs and more than that. Even if Bill Gates donated a half of his fortune, he has an impressive house.



His house can be the dream of everyone, you could find this empire your motivation to make more than that, but first of all this can be your beginning, to make your dream come true. For someone who spends the majority of his life in the spotlight, it is difficulty to have some privacy.

To ensure his privacy and protection from nosy, neighbours and overly curious fans, Gates surrounded his Xanadu 2.0 estate with a variety of trees and shrubbery to create a natural privacy fence.

  1. Some Privacy



The dream of Gates was to have this house, but he ensure firstly that his dream home do not have a negative impact on the environment. Built into a hill as a part of its earth-sheltered about potential runoff from the walls of the massive estate. To combat the problem, he created an artificial stream on the property to catch the runoff.

  1. A different dining


After a long day you will find the right place to fed, relax and drink some wine. With six kitchens scattered across the house and a private chef on call 24 hours a day to ensure Gates and his guests are well-fed and content.

  1. The silence indoor and out


The man who says that you can’t have it all certainly doesn’t have enough motivation to do something like that! At Xanadu 2.0 you can be both indoors and out at any given time thanks to extravagant rooftop patio that offers breathtaking views of the city while ensuring Gates and his guests every element of comfort imaginable. Built with high-yech temperature controls in the floor and ceiling, the private deck feels like a home within a home whose vibrant blue pool, blazing fire pit, lounge chairs and plush outdoor, bed can be enjoyed rain or shine, all year long. Another dream came true!

  1. “Home sweet home” for guests


It would be rude, for Gates to have completely forgotten or ignored the comfort of his visitors. The guest house is a miniature version of the larger home as it is filled the same modern technology and amenities. “Home sweet home” could be tell here.

  1. HomeCinema or more than that


Free time? He has it. No, he doesn’t like to be in a cinema, he has his own cinema, just for him and his guests. What could be more relaxing than this? The cinema features a popcorn machine that makes every movie lover’s dreams come true with the perfect ratio of buttery goodness!

  1. Inspiration in the library


Another way for relaxing or forgetting the noises and problems of town, is library. The most unique rooms in the entire estate, Gates spared no expense when it came to furnishing his 2,100 square-foot private library. Complete with a domed roof and two secret bookcase, the room features a quote from The Great Gatsby on the ceiling that reads, “He had come a long way to this blue lawn, and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it”. What makes the room even more special, however, is that it’s home to Leonardo da Vinci’s 16th century Codex Leicester, which Gates purchased for $30.8 million in 1994.

  1. Aquarium or relaxation for the eyes


With a high-stress world of business, Gates made sure that his home offered relaxation and tranquillity. You see a massive aquarium with a living-room style setting that offers you a beautiful and exquisite view to forget all the problems. From dolphins and whales to sea creatures and sharks, Gates went to great lengths to ensure that the marine inhabitants would thrive and never do harm to one another.

  1. Techonolgy in the middle of the house


Enough with relaxation, for someone who spends a lot of time with gadgets it would be impossible to not involve the technology in his house. Xanadu 2.0 features a high-tech sensor system that allows guests to control the temperature and lighting simply by walking into a room. Additionally, guests can interact with the artwork throughout the estate thanks to $80,000 worth of computer screens and $150,000 worth of storage devices that let guests change the artwork displays to their favorite paintings or photographs at the touch of a button.

  1. Wine, view and a crystal clear water of pool


To make the dream perfect, Gates has an awesome pool which is so crisp and clean that it seems like it’s an extension of the deck floor. Located in its own 3,900 square-foot building, the 60-foot pool is filled with crystal clear water and features a floor painted in an ornate fossil motif. Music to complete this view? Swimmers can even enjoy the underwater music system as they dive under a glass wall and emerge outside near the terrace.

With all this motivation, you should start to build your own empire to be the same with Bill Gates or more than that. Make your own world in your house!

„We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction. „ This is how he makes all this goes!

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